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Rosewood - Fruit Holder

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The Rosewood Fruit Holder 18cm is a uniquely designed feeding accessory that offers pet owners a way to feed their furry friends treats and vegetables in a hygienic and stimulating way. Measuring 18cm in diameter, the fruit holder is the perfect size for small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters.

The Rosewood Fruit Holder features a metal grid design that allows for the easy insertion of fruits and vegetables. This grid design also ensures that the food is held securely in place, preventing it from falling out and making a mess in your pet's enclosure. The holder is also designed to be easy to clean, with the metal grid easily removable for thorough washing.

Not only does the Rosewood Fruit Holder offer a hygienic feeding option, but it also provides a stimulating challenge for your pet. The metal grid design forces your pet to work for their food, encouraging them to use their natural foraging instincts and keeping them mentally stimulated.

Overall, the Rosewood Fruit Holder 18cm is an excellent addition to any pet owner's feeding routine. With its hygienic design and stimulating feeding challenge, it's the perfect way to provide your furry friend with a healthy and enjoyable snack.

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