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RapidMesh - 140 x 63mm Cat Roller Steel Bracket

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Color: Black
Material: Steel

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  • Provides solid mounting point for RapidMesh Cat Roller
  • Additional stability and strength, or vertical mounting on your fence or wall
  • Innovative solution to Cat Containment
  • Easy DIY assembly
  • Weather resistant
Additional vertical mounting metal bracket for the RapidMesh Cat Roller.
Mounting the Cat Roller on some fence types may be difficult depending on the type of fence and individual circumstances.
The metal bracket can provide a more stable and effective mounting point depending on the type of barrier or fence you wish to secure. Or if you need to mount your Cat Rollers on your side of the fence and not protrude into your neighbour's yard, the vertical mounting brackets are the perfect solution.
The plastic bracket (comes with your Cat Roller) is first attached to the metal bracket, which is, in turn, mounted to the fence.




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