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M-PETS - TWIST Launcher

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The M-Pets Twist is a highly durable and entertaining bite toy for dogs. Made from a sturdy rope material, this toy is designed to withstand the powerful jaws of even the most enthusiastic chewers. The rope is cleverly formed into a different shape, making it easy for dogs to grip and play with.

The cotton rope material helps to scrub away plaque and tartar build-up as dogs chew on it, which promotes healthy teeth and gums. Regular chewing also helps to reduce stress and boredom in dogs, keeping them happy and content.

It comes in three vibrant colours: pink, yellow, and blue. These bright colours are not only visually appealing, but they also make it easier for owners to spot the toy in the grass or among other dog toys.

The twisted rope design of the M-Pets Twist also serves to clean dogs' teeth and massage their gums as they play. This helps to promote good oral hygiene and prevent dental problems down the line. Additionally, the act of chewing and playing with toys like the Twist Ball can help to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs, making it a great addition to any playtime routine.

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