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The M-PETS Kris Ferret Cage is a spacious and durable cage designed specifically for ferrets. Measuring at 92 x 62 x 120 cm, this cage provides ample space for your furry friends to play, climb, and rest comfortably. The cage is constructed with high-quality iron material, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.

One of the notable features of the M-PETS Kris Ferret Cage is the included hammock. Ferrets love to play and relax in hammocks, and this cage comes with one already installed, providing an additional space for your pets to rest and play.

The cage also has multiple levels, allowing ferrets to climb up and down and providing them with plenty of exercise opportunities. The levels are connected by ramps, which are designed with safety in mind to prevent falls or injuries.

Additionally, the cage has multiple doors, allowing easy access for cleaning and feeding. The doors are also securely locked to prevent any escapes. The cage also comes with a pull-out tray for easy cleaning, ensuring that your ferret's living environment remains clean and hygienic.

Overall, the M-PETS Kris Ferret Cage is a fantastic option for ferret owners who are looking for a spacious, durable, and functional cage. With its hammock, multiple levels, and secure design, this cage provides a comfortable and safe living space for your furry friends.

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