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Furry Best Friends - Round Pet Pool With Sprinkler Blue - Medium

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Color: Blue
Material: PVC

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  • Round pool with sprinkler: the best new outdoor water splash pool for your pet. A perfect place to cool down during hot summers.
  • Safe play for your dog: the pad/mat is made from pvc, so it’s safe for your dog. It comes with everything you need to hook up the sprinkler to your hose and let your dog start enjoying the fun.
  • Easy to set up: set the pad/mat on a level, firm surface. Hook up the sprinkler to the hose and turn on the water
  • Take the pool with you: the fbf round pool folds up for easy transportation. Take it with you on holiday or anywhere there is a water hose.
  • Adjustable sprinkler height: adjust the pressure to change how high the sprinkler sprays water. Turning up the water causes the sprinkler to change the angle of the water outward from the pool.

The Furry Best Friends Round Pet Pool with Sprinkler provides your pet with comfort and entertainment to keep them cool during outdoor play. Pet parents often provide a child's small pool to prevent pets from overheating while out in the heat. This pool serves a functional purpose and also adds a bit of fun with the sprinkler feature that keeps dogs entertained. It’s more enjoyable than a regular pool and it takes less water than running the house hose. Your dog will love jumping through the water and getting in and out of the pool.

The round pool with sprinkler helps keep pets active and engaged. They can go for a quick dip in the pool to cool off or have fun with the water shooting out around the perimeter. This pool provides a retreat from the hot sun after playing outdoors.

The pet pool is made of PVC for a resilient platform that resists damage from your pet’s sharp nails and teeth. The smooth, rounded edge makes it safe and smooth against your pet’s skin, and it’s safe for kids too! The pet pool is a great way for all of your kids and pets to enjoy more time outdoors without overheating. It’s light enough to carry, so you can take it everywhere that you and your pets go.


  • Rounded, thick top for added comfort, safety, and stability
  • Play-friendly and relaxing for pets and kids
  • Water sprays out of tiny holes around the entire perimeter
  • Keeps your pets active during hot weather
  • Made of resilient, smooth, friendly PVC 
  • Fun for pets and kids alike
  • Easy to set up — just plug the sprinkler into a garden hose
  • Water height adjusts according to water pressure
  • Available in three sizes to suit different sized pets or for multi-pet families


  • Small Diameter inside dimension: 70cm; Outside Dimension: 100cm
  • Medium Diameter inside dimension: 120cm; Outside Dimension: 150cm
  • Large Diameter inside dimension: 140cm; Outside Dimension: 170cm










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