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Catio - Bucket Pet/cat House W/ Enchanted Flower Tree - Green

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  • Cozy indoor haven for cats
  • Durable & pet-friendly materials
Catio bucket pet/cat house w/ enchanted flower tree - green
provide your beloved feline friends with a captivating indoor experience and an enchanting indoor retreat with the catio bucket cat house with enchanted flower cat tree. The catio bucket cat house is a cozy haven designed to provide your cats with a secure indoor space. It is crafted with premium materials that are soft, comfortable and pet friendly. The emerald green plush inside can be removed for easy cleaning. Meanwhile the enchanted flower cat tree atop is adorned with ropes of brown sisal and fluffy leaves to swat, creating an enchanting atmosphere that will captivate your feline companions to scratch and play. The multi-level design offers ample opportunities for climbing, scratching, and lounging. The sturdy base ensures stability, even during vigorous play. Benefits and features the catio design allows your cats to experience indoor fun while being safe in the comfort of your home. Made of earth friendly materials and is built to withstand cat play ensuring durability and longevity. Convenient door that allows your cats to enter and exit freely. Adds a touch of magic to your indoor space, creating a visually stunning focal point that both you and your cats will adore. Offers multiple platforms at different heights, allowing your cats to climb, jump, and perch to their heart's content. Integrated scratching posts made from sisal rope allow your cats to scratch whenever they feel like it. Soft, plush platforms provide comfortable resting spots for your cats to relax. Hassle-free assembly. Materials sisal, corrugated paper, fabric, etc. Includes: 1 x cat house w/ enchanted flower tree

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