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Advwin - Pet Dryer Box Cat Dog Hair Dryer w/Backpack

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  • Smart pet dryer
  • 360° airflow circulation
  • Quiet and interactive design

Roomy 52L Space for All Pets: The Oppsbuy automatic pet hair dryer box has a big inside space to meet the drying needs of different pets, like cats, dogs, and other small furry friends. The spacious room helps reduce pet anxiety and provides plenty of
space for them to move around comfortably.

Easy Touch Panel: Five modes: Warm House, Cool House, Soft Dry, Quick Dry, and Disinfect. You can customize drying time, temperature, and air volume easily for an even and quick drying experience. Forget the hassle of pet hair drying with the Oppsbuy
Smart Pet Dryer Box.

360° Airflow Circulation: The dryer box ensures airflow reaches every part, like the abdomen, underarms, and neck. Constant air exchanges keep the environment fresh, making your pet more comfortable. The negative ions released make your pet's hair smooth,
fluffy, and shiny.

Smart Control & Safety Features: The Oppsbuy automatic pet dryer box has a safety mechanism with temperature control (20-40°C). It shuts down if it gets too hot (above 45°C) and cuts off power at 50°C, ensuring a safe drying experience for your pets.

Quiet and Interactive Design: Enjoy a quiet operation that creates a peaceful environment for your pets. The see-through front door lets you check on your pet anytime. Interactive windows on both sides let you reach in and interact with your furry friends,
providing comfort during the drying process.

Package Content:

|1x Pet Dryer Box

1x Backpack

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