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ADVWIN - Automatic Fish Feeder Timer Aquarium Food Dispenser LCD Digital

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  • Two feeding mode: timed feeding, up to 4 times a day, up to 3 circles a meal. Press "+" for 5 seconds to feed once at 8 o'clock in the morning and feed once at 20 o'clock in the evening.
  • The amount of food can be adjusted to avoid the embarrassing situation of over or under feeding.
  • Moisture-proof and sun-proof design, works with most types of fish food, such as flakes, pellets, powders and strips, fit for fish tank and aquarium.
  • Two installation methods - free-standing or rim-mounted
  • Powered by 2*aa batteries (not included)
ADVWIN Fish Food Feeder can help you feed your beloved fish in aquarium when you are working, shopping, or travelling outside. The feeding food and time are adjustable By the (Max, Min) slider, you can increase or decrease the amount of food dispensed per rotation. It can ensure that fish are fed scientifically and regularly, providing strong support for the health of fish. Simple feeding adjustment up to 4 times a day. Can operate both automatically and manually.
Manual and Automatic Mode:
In addition to you can manually operate this automatic fish food feeder and enjoy the fun of feeding fish in your leisure time; the built-in timer allows you to schedule 4 feeding sessions throughout the day, ensuring your fish receive consistent nourishment, even when you're not around.
Adjustable Feeding Amount:
Uses an open design. You can add fish food without removing the timer feeder. You only need to gently push the opening at the top to complete. And you can decide how much fish food you want to put in according to the number and size of the fish, and the feeder will automatically rotate 360° for feeding at the time you set.
200mL Capacity & Moisture-Proof Design:
The large drum of this food timer is 200ml in capacity for your vacation! The electric feeder adopts moisture-proof design to ensure the freshness of food. No blockage will occur. The feeder is suitable for fish food such as strips, powder, granules, and flakes.
Two Fixed Methods:
Fits any kind of aquarium - rimless aquariums, aquariums with frames, and aquariums with hoods. One is to fix the bracket on the wall of the aquarium. With the bracket this auto fish feeder is 360° rotatable for different orientation. The second is to stick it on the aquarium with double-sided stickers. Both methods can make the feeder firmly fixed on the aquarium.
Fits Various Foods:
Fits various foods, Including Granules, Pallets, Strips and Flakes. KIND REMINDER - for flakes please break it into small pieces before filling into the drum to get best and consistent volume control. This auto feeder Works for both fish and turtles.
Battery Powered:
The automatic fish tank feeder is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) and can last for 2-4 months. When the battery symbol on the LCD screen displays empty and flashes, it reminds you that the battery is low. Perfect for aquarium lovers on vacation travel or busy work.
Item Type: Fish Tank Automatic Feeder
Color: Black
Material: ABS Plastic
Size: 6.5 x10.5 x 14.5cm
Power Supply: 2 x AA Battery(Not Included)
How to Use
1. It should be placed on the top cover or flat surface of the fish tank in the track with the bottom. Make sure the spout on the bottom of the base is aligned where the feed can be dropped into the water.
2. Clamping use: Push the feeder into the track of the bracket, clamp the glass on the side of the fish tank, and tighten the fixing knob. Suitable for most open fish tanks. Make sure it is clamped before letting go.
3.Press "set" when the hour number and the box are flashing at the same time, press "+" or "-" to adjust to the hour you need to feed, and then press "set" and the minute number is at the same time as the first box flashing. At this time, press "+" or "-" to adjust to the minute you need to feed (for example, if you want to feed at 8:10 in the morning, adjust it to 8:10)
4.Press "+" for 5 seconds to automatically feed model: feed once at 8 o'clock in the morning and feed once at 20 o'clock in the evening.
Package Content:
1 x Automatic Feeder
1 x Manual

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